Alero Review
Alero Review
Alero Review
Alero Review
Alero Review
Alero Review
Alero Review



The five flavors may excite you at first, but a sixth -- champagne -- would've been appreciated.



The complimentary chips might've been the most memorable part, which is never a great sign. At least it's cheap!



We didn’t get our first mimosas until nearly 12:30, which is a major issue when brunch is (always) at noon. Perhaps to make up for this, our server awkwardly leaned over a brunch compatriot to pour that little silver cup of creamer directly into their coffee, which did not make up for this.



Alero takes the holiday cheer to the extreme, complete with a grinning, rotating Santa Claus that greets you in the entryway. Unfortunately, it's difficult to be too cheery when you're the only table in the restaurant.

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August 13, 2022

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The $45 charge for bottomless drinks alone is a dollar more than the entire Ambar experience (and, notably, $10 more than the price listed on Dirty Habit's website), so things weren't looking good for this score the moment we got the menu.

We're like the postmen. We brunch in rain, sleet, or snow

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