Boundary Stone Review
Boundary Stone Review
Boundary Stone Review
Boundary Stone Review
Boundary Stone Review
Boundary Stone Review
Boundary Stone Review



Aperol Spritzes are the main attraction here, and at $23 for 2 (plus) hours, a reasonable deal, but we endorse switching to the classic mimosa once you've had your fill — it's well-crafted and, just as importantly, the regular glass in which it's served is a refreshing change of pace from dealing with flutes all the time.



There's an entire benedicts section, if you're into that sort of thing, and an assortment of breakfast sandwich options complete the obligatory brunch selections. That all aside, the compatriot who just ordered a bunch of fried chicken on Texas toast left most satisfied.



Your receipt will note exactly how many Aperol Spritzes your table ordered, which is never information you want, but we can't blame our server for that — he kept the drinks coming, with a very relaxed two-hour limit.



You may want to confirm you're not scheduled to brunch during a Philadelphia sporting event, since even opening-round NBA playoff games draw a decent crowd, but it's a nice reminder you're in a neighborhood sports pub.

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May 27, 2023

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A varied selection of a few omelettes, benedicts, and sandwiches each extend the offerings beyond the usual brunch menu size, and Dolce's even a worthy entrant into the #pizzabrunch discussion.

May 06, 2023

Via Sophia Review

Via Sophia



A $15 bottomless mimosa charge will always win over our hearts (we are nothing if not on brand), but bringing over elegant individual carafes is a guaranteed swoon.

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