PLANTA Queen Review
PLANTA Queen Review
PLANTA Queen Review
PLANTA Queen Review
PLANTA Queen Review
PLANTA Queen Review
PLANTA Queen Review
PLANTA Queen Review
PLANTA Queen Review



The house specialty, a passion fruit ginger mimosa replete with a strawberry and a crusted rim, is almost too ornate and delicious for its own good — an odd complaint, yes, but it'll make sense after your third time waiting for them to make you a new one.



We are perhaps not quite the target audience for a vegan restaurant, but after shelling out close to $25 for some entrees, we couldn't help but feel they were missing a certain something, even after loading up on the (excellent) small plates and "sushi."



We assume Planta must do pretty well on its $25 "endless" (too posh for "bottomless," apparently) brunch cocktail deal, since our server seemed rather surprised as we kept ordering, and while the menu doesn't explicitly list a cutoff time, it'll become quite clear once they're trying to usher you out.



For all the guff we've given Planta so far, let's be clear — it's quite nice inside. Even without many endless cocktail compatriots, it's a lively room, in an impressively colorful and modern space for its part of town.

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