Beuchert's Saloon Review
Beuchert's Saloon Review
Beuchert's Saloon Review
Beuchert's Saloon Review
Beuchert's Saloon Review
Beuchert's Saloon Review
Beuchert's Saloon Review

Eastern Market, Capitol Hill

623 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC




The bottomless options are straightforward — classic and grapefruit mimosas — but the ratio's perfect and, importantly, served into large wine glasses.



Brunch staples rule the day here, and from the chicken and waffles to the latke-enhanced breakfast sandwich, they're worth it.



We'll accept a hard two-hour cutoff when the final pour is literally to the brim of the aforementioned large glasses, a fitting end to a highly enjoyable experience, highlighted by our server having no hesitation guiding us away from her least favorite menu options.



We love a good window nook, even if it's a tight fit, as well as the rustic feel you get from mounting a buffalo head above the bar.

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We're like the postmen. We brunch in rain, sleet, or snow

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