Boardwalk Bar & Arcade Review
Boardwalk Bar & Arcade Review
Boardwalk Bar & Arcade Review
Boardwalk Bar & Arcade Review
Boardwalk Bar & Arcade Review
Boardwalk Bar & Arcade Review
Boardwalk Bar & Arcade Review



Boardwalk tried to win our hearts with service by the bottle and an array of mixers, but at $35 with a pretty strict (90-minute) time limit, you quickly realize you're paying for the Wharf.



There are only five brunch options, but in this case quality sinks with quantity. The burrito seemed the clear play given the price and ingredients of other options, but even that was forgettable, if more worthwhile than $15 avocado toast. If you're in the mood to take yourself out to the ballgame, you can always move to the lunch menu for a hot dog and pretzels.



We liked our waiter, when we could find him. Boardwalk's spacious, so there's surely a lot of ground to cover, but it became pretty clear once we placed our initial order that we'd be getting a bar-frequency level of check-ins. The servers do have nifty card readers, though, so if you ask nicely in advance you can more easily split the bill.



Boardwalk's patio view is tough to beat for both water and people-watching views, and it's outfitted with strong heaters for winter and fans for summer. The interior's more of a cross between a Johnny Rockets and an adult Chuck E. Cheese, minus the creepy mouse, but at least Boardwalk takes Halloween brunching seriously enough to add in some creepy decor.

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