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Service by the bottle on the $20 bottomless mimosa deal ensures an excellent ratio, but we can't help but be a little disappointed by the sangria, which is 1) not included in the bottomless drinks offering, and 2) only half-price if you also buy the $40 bottomless food package. Life's too short to brunch $36 pitchers at a time.



While the bottomless food option may seem the obvious choice at a tapas restaurant, at $40 (with drinks charged separately), we'd highly advise giving some serious consideration to how hungry you really are. The a la carte portions are generous enough to create a cheaper, if-not-quite-bottomless deal, provided you're willing to coordinate with your tablemates.



We received small dishes of olive oil right away at 12:01, but the accompanying baskets of bread only several requests later at 12:45, which was really quite a while considering how pedestrian the mini-loaf was. On the other hand, we managed to snag a personalized (i.e., apples on the side) sangria pitcher to accommodate an allergic compatriot, so points are in order for customization.



The decor is distinctive, with matador jackets and Seville Fair posters adorning the walls, although it otherwise fails to stand out by the high standards of Barracks Row brunch atmospheres.

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