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Él Bebe Review



We're suckers for a wide range of bottomless mimosa flavor options, with multiple berry options in play, and even more down for mimosas at only $5 a pop if you're limiting your intake. Any waiter who passed by was happy to resupply, so we didn't even have to spread the word to keep them coming. Unfortunately, we might've literally given Èl Bebe a run for their money, because it appears the bottomless option is now off the menu.



At first, it's exciting that the food is cheap. And then you realize the low-teens price correlates with size. With the exception of the delicious brunch huevos divorciados (or if you go rogue and order off the — pricier — lunch menu), all the entrees felt like appetizers. This might be Èl Bebe's attempt to entice you to finish your meal with an order of churro doughnuts — which we fell for and absolutely do not regret, 10/10.



For our own sake, we like to assume we're fun to serve, but it doesn't hurt for our waiter to verbally validate that. In return, we can confirm that the service of everyone who refilled and checked in was top notch, and as a bonus, if you order a coffee you get it fresh from Circa next door.



Admittedly, our service score may be impacted by our being among the only groups to serve in the restaurant, but we'll credit Èl Bebe for turning a restaurant clearly ready for a happy hour rager into a family-friendly (and by that we mean we saw babies) spot at brunch. Sadly, the open merger of a chic taco-serving interior with Circa's coffeehouse decor next door proved both a bit confusing and forgettable.

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