El Secreto de Rosita Review
El Secreto de Rosita Review
El Secreto de Rosita Review
El Secreto de Rosita Review
El Secreto de Rosita Review
El Secreto de Rosita Review
El Secreto de Rosita Review
El Secreto de Rosita Review



$20 would be competitive pricing for merely a few hours of standard orange mimosas, but peach and mango spruce up the offerings and, more importantly, El Secreto deputizes the assembly to you, so in the end the choices more or less merge into just slightly flavored champagne.



Even the breakfast options go above and beyond — we always support starting your day with a shakshouka — but for the full experience we'd recommend venturing both into the appetizers (the tostones with short rib could be its own entree) and complete lunch menu. A few of them will cost you, but it's worth it.



Our server had tremendous patience with our group slowly arriving over the course of a full half an hour, and then closed things out with a complimentary pisco sour shot that might've somehow eclipsed everything we already described.



The streatery section is nicely decorated to provide a more pleasant experience than the stretch of U Street facing a fire station, but the interior is where El Secreto really brings the heat, by which we mean a several-tables-long portrait of a nude woman. Even the mimosa service is classy, with the juices served in miniature jugs and each bottle of champagne placed in a standing wine chiller (we appreciated the thought that ours was at risk of getting warm).

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We're like the postmen. We brunch in rain, sleet, or snow

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