Hawk 'n' Dove Review
Hawk 'n' Dove Review
Hawk 'n' Dove Review
Hawk 'n' Dove Review
Hawk 'n' Dove Review
Hawk 'n' Dove Review
Hawk 'n' Dove Review
Hawk 'n' Dove Review



We'd like to have been able to provide a more thorough review here, but as even the steadiest imbibers among us only received a refill or two, we don't have much to go on. Oh, and more than one mimosa flavor would've been nice, even at a relatively modest $22.



The brunch selection seems like a bit of an afterthought — literally a short laminated insert to the main menu — and you're best off sticking with the burger and sandwich selections, since they at least rise to the level of "fine," if decidedly un-brunchy. Avoid anything with eggs unless you want the shells, too.



Returning to the theme of Hawk 'n' Dove not really being a brunch spot, we didn't get to place even our drink orders until after 12:30, and glass-by-glass refills left us at the mercy of our waiter's attention after that, which made it particularly unfortunate that he forgot about us for long stretches at a time.



Given our placement at an awkwardly high and long table directly in the middle of the dining area, we're still at a loss for how we were quite so ignored. The rest of the interior's at least interesting — the Iran-Contra political cartoons festooning the restrooms are a deep cut, as far as kitschy DC adornments go — but it all comes together as something far better suited for a happy hour beer or two.

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