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Hawthorne Review
Hawthorne Review
Hawthorne Review



Like any Mission Group brunch, you've got a wide selection, with a classic mimosa, a Bloody Mary no one was willing to try, a Bud Light no one was eager to have, and an Orange Crush that did, admittedly, crush it. But like any Mission Group brunch, it's quantity over quality, in this case with the mimosas appearing suspiciously similar in color to the Orange Crush.



You're dining at a club, so temper your expectations accordingly. Still, it's hard to go wrong with classic American food (made even more American by the southern-style biscuit option), and you can even venture into healthier fare with hefty cauliflower and brussel sprouts rations.



Being seated in close proximity to the bar certainly helped, but staff were always quick to lean over the counter and supply the next pitcher, and hastily rearranged an awkward seating situation. This was about the extent of our interaction, but sometimes that's quite alright.



The brick walls with mounted TVs seemed a decently appealing backdrop until our 6-person reservation was placed at a 5-seat table, with one of the televisions serving as our sixth attendee. The roof's really where it's at, but perhaps unsurprisingly for Hawthorne, it seemed reserved for dueling birthday parties over brunch.

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