Jinya Ramen Bar Review
Jinya Ramen Bar Review
Jinya Ramen Bar Review
Jinya Ramen Bar Review
Jinya Ramen Bar Review
Jinya Ramen Bar Review
Jinya Ramen Bar Review
Jinya Ramen Bar Review

Logan Circle, 14th Street

1336 14th St NW, Washington, DC




Jinya keeps it simple — just orange mimosas and Bloody Marys (we're already biased against these, but tomato juice and ramen is an even harder pass than usual) — but with the $35 outlay coming with extensive food options (more to come!), you can't complain too much.



Having eaten Jinya's ramen at a perhaps more normal hour than slightly after waking up, we had high expectations, and the brunch options didn't disappoint. As the price includes two full small plates plus a heaping entree, the food deal's really where this brunch experience excels, and if you're collaborative, you'll coordinate choices with your co-brunchers and get to share everything from the crispy Brussels sprouts to juicy fried chicken.



Jinya has locations across the country, so it makes sense that our server made clear, in the kindest possible way, that there would be zero customization. This corporate approach made them initially hesitant to seat less than our full party despite an empty restaurant, but they were quickly accommodating for an injured compatriot and remained responsive throughout.



Jinya is, note the full name, a ramen bar, and those vibes make for a classy people-watching experience, if you can grab a couple of tables by the window to gaze onto 14th Street.

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