Makers Union Review
Makers Union Review
Makers Union Review
Makers Union Review
Makers Union Review
Makers Union Review
Makers Union Review



Four flavors are on offer, and even delivered in a pre-set, tasting menu order (you may be tempted to make a substitution, but it's not worth the confusion), but they start syrupy and somehow get worse. Normally we'd tell you how far past the time limit drink service extends, but we didn't want to stick around to find out.



The "family-style" deal is a real bargain, if incredibly confusing — $35 gets you three appetizers and three entrees, so two orders more than covered our six-person table (you can run that per person food cost yourself, but hint, it's good). But while there are a few standouts (get the brussels sprouts and the French toast), you'll really just end up with a full table of tortilla chips and waffles.



We're pretty sure our waiter misunderstood Makers' own family-style menu, since stretching one $35 food order across three people surely isn't profitable (and across six, as we should've done given the portion sizes, is even less so). It wasn't a total loss for the restaurant, though, since they basically forgot about our table after our second round of drinks.



Makers is technically "at the Wharf," but facing Maine Avenue rather than the water, so cars are more prominent than boats. Once inside, the "established 2023" message plastered on the menus will come as no surprise, and the neon "Booze, Brunch, Fun" sign is the laziest Instagram wall we've ever seen.

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