Matchbox Review
Matchbox Review
Matchbox Review
Matchbox Review
Matchbox Review



You can choose among five flavors — peach, cranberry, grapefruit and pineapple complement the usual orange — and with the champagne and juices served separately, your mimosas are as strong (or weak) as you like.



Depending on your hunger and/or proximity to a fridge to deposit leftovers, the $35 food bundle's a great deal, and even barring that, finishing a sub-$20 pizza's a challenge, too.



Our server handled our questions about Matchbox's various bundle options with aplomb, and was graciously willing to continue the juice portion of mimosa service for a compatriot who'd reached their limit on champagne.



Penn Quarter views are always a bit limited by the size of the neighboring buildings, but the cozy patio at least opens out upon an entertaining people-watching segment of E Street, and you can always head inside for a more industrial, if unremarkable, vibe.

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The $45 charge for bottomless drinks alone is a dollar more than the entire Ambar experience (and, notably, $10 more than the price listed on Dirty Habit's website), so things weren't looking good for this score the moment we got the menu.

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