Quattro Osteria Review
Quattro Osteria Review
Quattro Osteria Review
Quattro Osteria Review
Quattro Osteria Review
Quattro Osteria Review
Quattro Osteria Review



They were suspiciously all out of the Aperol spritz bottomless option despite our noon start time and only one other party occupying a table, but given that Quattro's spritz includes gin, that might've been for the best. You've still got options, although the sweetness of the mojito will leave you sticking with the well-constructed classic mimosa toward the end.



The entree items are a tad unfulfilling given their inclusion in a $45 bottomless package — eggs, vegetables, and potatoes can only get you so far at that price — but the misleadingly labeled homefries (they're just fries, period) go a ways toward making up for it.



Midway through our meal, our server managed to procure us a single glass of that mysterious Aperol spritz, so we're now firm believers in brunch miracles. Even more impressive is that she did so after one of our compatriots asked her where Quattro sources its mangoes; we don't have the space to explain.



Your surroundings can vary from a loungy, open-air terrace to a classic back dining room, but in either option you're liable to find service staff outnumbering fellow diners, making for a rather mellow brunch experience.

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The $45 charge for bottomless drinks alone is a dollar more than the entire Ambar experience (and, notably, $10 more than the price listed on Dirty Habit's website), so things weren't looking good for this score the moment we got the menu.

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