Vagabond Review
Vagabond Review
Vagabond Review
Vagabond Review
Vagabond Review
Vagabond Review
Vagabond Review
Vagabond Review
Vagabond Review
Vagabond Review



If merely the three mimosa options were on offer, we'd still have been satisfied, but the rum punch (served in a delightful frosted glass, to boot) takes Vagabond's selections to another level, and you could even drink espresso martinis all afternoon, although we'd advise against that one.



Given the drink menu, entrees are understandably the cheaper side of the $40 bottomless deal, and you may want to add a few sweets for the table to ensure you walk out full, but originality points are in order for adding poke and açaí bowls to an otherwise typical assortment of brunch scrambles and burritos.



Drink service takes a bit to get going, but by the end you'll find yourself with more glasses than people, which is always a sign things have evolved (or devolved) appropriately, and pushes aside a confusingly extensive back-and-forth about whether the scrambled eggs dish comes with feta.



The carved-out nook in the front corner makes for an airy perch on a sunny day, but the first-level brunch experience doesn't expose you to Vagabond's more distinctive features, like the beach-y rooftop or Patrick Swayze-themed (yes, really) downstairs bar.

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